10 March 2020

Les visages de TELLOS

Portrait de François Gervais

Le Groupe TELLOS est avant tout un Groupe plaçant l’humain au coeur de ses priorités.

Découvrez au travers d’un question-réponse inédit le portrait de François Gervais, homme de terrain et d'expérience, entré chez SOGECA (filiale du Groupe) en 1986.

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Tellos recrutement site interne

29 January 2019

New website

TELLOS Group is delighted to present its new website and digital communication. It sets out to present the group’s vision, its expertise and its affiliates to its current and future customers and to its partners.

The challenges facing the group and its affiliates include designing the city of the future, anticipating the issues at stake and working within a logic of sustainable development and respect for the environment. The group’s perspective is a long-term one, which encompasses 3 objectives:

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Strasbourg multi réseaux Tellos chantier

19 November 2018

An aerial view of Citadelle Sud

Public lighting. Telecommunication. Access control. Electricity. Heating networks

The Citadelle Sud project was carried out on behalf of SPL des 2 Rives, the company managing the 2 Rives urban development project in Strasbourg. The works involved the installation of public lighting, telecommunication civil engineering and retractable bollards. With its vast array of experience and expertise, SOGECA was also asked to install the urban heating and electricity networks, alongside those of the SPL.

The project, work on which began in October 2018, was held to very challenging deadlines, to open the way for the start of building construction in early 2019.

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